Saturday, 22 August 2015

Time for some elbow grease

Occasionally I get the opportunity to review some new and/or existing products that are on the market.

I've reviewed items from onesies to gloves to tissue to cat milk.  Right now I'm testing out Flash Liquid-Gel.

First thoughts

My first thoughts on this product was that I had no idea it can be used all around the house and on lots of different surfaces - I have had a large bottle of flash for several years that I only use on my floors (and I don't do that that often as I prefer a steam cleaner).

This bottle is much diddier and easy to open - and not as easy to spill! (good thing!)

I was sent the lemon scented one.  Honestly - not a fan. It smells a bit too 'chemically' for me.  I don't really like products with a pong (I don't like those wall plug in smelly things either - they give me a headache).  Equally I don't necessarily want every room in the house to smell of lemons or the oven and BBQ!

Lets get cleaning

Anyway - smell aside I left my oven door to get really quite disgusting (who am I kidding - its always like that!).  Usually I clean with bicarb of soda - but I thought I'd put the flash to the test....

My oven door - pre clean. Pretty grim

.... after just one wipe with Flash Liquid Gel....

Not bad. Quite a lot came off and after a bit of elbow grease it came up quite nicely.  It did leave behind some of the more stuck on grease though. I felt that it needed a slightly abrasive element to get that off (as you get with bicarb).

BBQs too

Mr H used it to clean up the BBQ and he was quite impressed with it (although forgot to take photos).  Put it this way - we had to throw the cloth away afterwards so it obviously cut through quite a lot of grease!

In the sink

We have a stainless steel sink which seems to constantly be tea stained from people tipping their dregs down the sink and not rinsing!

I wasn't impressed with the results I'm afraid.  It really didn't get the staining off. I definitely need the likes of Astonish or bicarb to get it really sparkling.


I'm still testing the product out in other areas of the house - shower next.  Cuppa first you say? Oh go on then!

NB/ All opinions are my own. I have not been paid for this.

Friday, 19 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf - Days 16 - 18

Day 16

Naughty elves ate the advent chocolates - I did have to suggest that they didn't eat the girls advent chocolates for fear of tantrums (and thankfully mine were left alone too as Mr H realised it would have the same consequences!)

Day 17

Time for the elves to report back to Santa via "Santa Cam" (aka burglar alarm sensors!).  Whenever the little blue light comes on we tell the girls that either Santa or one of the elves is checking up on them.  Seems to work!

(After taking this photo Mr H realised that he could actually set it up on timer delay but I reckon his mug in the background is quite amusing!)

Day 18

I reckon he's now the inspiration really seems to be lacking...

Miss R thought this was great because she could easily pick her elf up without touching her (and so she wouldn't lose her magic...the elf....not Miss R...Miss R doesn't have magic....I don't think...although come to think of it....)

The problem was she wandered around with her and then put her in a basket of washing because it would be cosy and we put the washing on...

When she realised Daddy had put the washing on (hence why there's darks and lights mixed...lets not start on THAT one!) she came haring downstairs at a rate of knots!

Jolly was rescued.  Not sure that Fimo and pipe cleaners would withstand a wash - even at 30!